Trump/Merkel Meeting Likely to be an Awkard One.

I was reading a Yahoo article earlier that made me facepalm. The Orange Satan will meet Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today after souring the German-US relationship. The Orange Satan has repeatedly bashed the German Chancellor verbally during his campaign to the point of even spreading lies about Germany in regards to their policy of accepting Syrian Refugees. Trump compared Merkel to Hillary Clinton and

Trump compared Merkel to Hillary Clinton and stated that their policy on immigration would destroy Germany and the United States, even venturing to tell a bold face lie stating, “Crime has risen to levels that no one thought they would ever, ever see. It is a catastrophe.” in regards to Germany acceptance of an extraordinary amount of refugee’s.

German crime rates have stayed consistent despite the Orange Satan’s lies…

The Orange Satan is continually ruining the United States reputation abroad with his racist, xenophobic, and sexist remarks in just a few months into his Presidency. Only time will tell how the rest of his presidency will play out…


Read the full story below:



Watch US President, The Orange Satan, curve German Chancellor Angela Merkel after she asks for a handshake…



Huey X

Huey X

Thought-provoking image of a modern-day symbol of Black Power, radical black thought, and freedom, Huey Freeman from the Boondocks. In the backdrop is Malcolm X, the symbol for those same things and the most prominent spokesman for Black militancy/liberation in his era.

Also interesting to note is the fact that Huey is wearing the number 7 on his jacket and Malcolm’s favorite number was 7

Huey, despite being a cartoon character, has articulated the struggle for black equity more than anyone since the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. I think that is the beauty of his character as well in that Huey cannot be slain like the Civil Rights leaders of the past.

In the assassination and brutal murders of multiple proponents of Civil Rights such as MLK, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till, President John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Lee Jackson, and James Earl Chaney, Black America took multiple blows to its psyche leading to the silencing of radical black voices that continues into our era.

Though the Black Panther Party emerged in the aftermath of the deaths of these Civil Rights Leaders, the BPP leadership itself was destroyed by the same lethal tendencies that claimed the lives of the Civil Rights advocates before them. Fred Hampton, the 21-year-old spokesman for the Black Panther Party, was killed by the Chicago Police Department while putting the finishing touches on a merger between the black street gangs in Chicago and the Black Panther Party itself.

Huey P. Newton, the co-founder of the BPP was also murdered in cold blood with the murderous trend that plagued the Civil Rights Movement inherited into the subsequent Black Power Movement.

From 1961 to 1973, six African advocates for African independence and statehood were assassinated by their former colonial rulers. Fighting for freedom from his European colonial master, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo most notably was slain in a United States-Belgian backed plot to kill the Congolese Prime Minister.

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Amilcar Cabra of Guinea to name a few others were also victims in the African Independence Movement.

But Huey Freeman is different because unlike our flesh and blood activists, Huey cannot be killed and thrown in our faces by the white power structure. For all of his sentiments and scathing rhetoric against white supremacy, we do not have to hold the quiet anxiety that he could be shot down at any moment for his advocacy.

Huey Freeman is a Civil Rights Hero of our time, a bold voice against oppression, imperialism, and social degradation that is rampant in our world…


Here are a few clips for you as well. Enjoy 😉🤗✊🏾

“The Garden Party”

“Huey Freeman on False Reality”

“The Prison Industrial Complex”


“Interview with Huey Freeman”

Video of the Day: The 25 Cognitive Biases

Do me a favor? Send me your next paycheck to my savings account on your next payday. Sound convincing? Probably not…

Interesting video I found today in regards to the Art of Persuasion, a topic that has been on my mind recently as I have been thinking a lot about how I deal with other people on a daily basis.

I believe that I have a natural charm to myself because I am kind hearted, good willed, friendly, and very accepting of others, but that alone has not gotten me everything I want out of life. I would venture to assume that you, the person reading this, most likely has not gotten everything they want out of life either.

So how do we get closer to the things we desire?

I think the first step is investing in yourself on a mental level by feeding your brain with information that enhances your quality of life. Through reading, taking classes, attending seminars, watching videos, and most importantly doing/applying the things you learn every day into your life one can take those essential steps toward their desires.

Once you have a thorough understanding of yourself through this continual process of self-investment and self-discovery you can begin to change your focus to affecting those around you in a positive manner.

One way to do both of these things, improving self and others, is outlined in the video: How to Persuade Anyone: The 25 Cognitive Biases. 

Persuasion is sometimes seen as something that is wrong or manipulative, but in fact, it is a skill employed by the most highly effective, successful, and beneficial people to human growth. Everyone from Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler to Henry Ford to Steve Jobs to Martin Luther King was MASTERS in the Art of Persuasion.

In fact, it is a skill we employ or attempt to employ, successfully or unsuccessfully, all of the time. In order to fulfill our desires, be it money, power, influence, love, acceptance, a new car, a beachfront house, or that pay raise we must learn to effectively persuade others to get others to either help us or give us the things we want most in life.

  1. cause (someone) to do something through reasoning or argument.


Back to the 25 Cognitive Biases, in order to persuade people to do the things you want them to do and in turn make the path to your own desires faster and much more efficient, you must learn how your own biases and the biases of others work to hinder or help your cause(s).

The 25 Cognitive Biases essentially comes down to how we make our decisions and judgments. Most of us judge wrongly and make bad decisions due to a pattern of behaviors, incorrect assumptions, and misjudgment. This misjudgment stems from our ignorance of our own biases working within us. These biases influence us subconsciously whether we know it or not.

Understanding these biases allows us to understand the fundamental human psychology of our wants, desires, and motives for pursuing them. In understanding these we can effectively

Here is a quick list, in my own words, of the first five of these 25 Cognitive Biases…the rest is up to you 😉

  1. Reward and Punishment: Incentives. Incentives. Incentives. The best way to get to your goals and desires is to incentivize or reward yourself for them. Want that new car? Post pictures of the Ferrari you wish to one day drive around your room and look at it every day. This will motivate you to do the task necessary to achieve the thing you desire most.
  2. Liking and Loving: We ignore the faults of the things, people, products, and companies we admire the most. We also tend to comply, agree with, and act in accordance to that which we admire the most as well. We will even distort the facts or blind ourselves to the truth of our love/admiration objects. Love Apple? You’re more likely to ignore the negative reviews of the latest iPhone/Mac/iPad and buy it anyway. Good one Steve Jobs lol.
  3. Disliking and Hating: The reverse of the second cognitive tendency is true as well. We tend to ignore the good qualities of the things we hold disdain for. We will distort the facts to support our hatred as well as ignore others opinions about what we inherently dislike. We will hate things even remotely associated with the things we disdain and it is difficult or impossible to change deep-seated dislike/hate. Try convincing an ISIS member to sing the National Anthem nowadays I’ll send you my next paycheck.
  4. Doubt-Avoidance: If we are doubtful or unsure about a situation we will try to remove that doubt by making a quick decision without proper knowledge or reflection. This is triggered by a combination of stress and confusion around a situation. Ever made a “fuck it” decision or a quick purchase without weighing all of your options? That is doubt-avoidance tendency at work.
  5. Inconsistency-Avoidance: We naturally resist change, that is why bad habits are hard for us to break. This is our brain’s way of saving space so we tend to cling to that which we already know/do rather than learn or try new things to avoid inconsistencies. In the past, in order for our early ancestors to survive, we had to make quick decisions in order to avoid being the prey of wild animals and predators. To gain an advantage in the wild by operating in groups, humankind adopted a resistance to change in order to cooperate better as constant change in opinions/decisions/thinking would hinder said cooperation.

Hope you found these inherent biases as interesting as I did and I hope you strive to overcome this internal hardwiring in order to take control of your life. I also urge you to do your own independent research and reflection on how to use these to your advantage rather than letting your biology make them into disadvantages.

More On The 25 Cognitive Biases Below: Continue reading Video of the Day: The 25 Cognitive Biases

Upstream Dreams?

Upstream Dreams serves as a personal blog, it is an outlet to express my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the multitude of interests I have. These interests may range from politics to international relations, to history to sex, love, war, style and fashion, to astrology, anime, movies and books, social justice to basketball, current events, art, music,  etc.

Upstream Dreams is my way of making sense of the thoughts and opinions  I have daily but usually, stay locked in my mind.

Upstream Dreams gives its readers a glimpse into my Mind’s Eye, offering my perspective on various things. Posts on Upstream Dreams may be long or short, it may be a picture or a full-length story, it really depends on the day or how I am feeling at the moment. I assure you, though, each post will be unique and thoughtful and will give readers something they never considered previously.

So what does Upstream Dreams mean? It describes, in part, the psyche of the 12th sign of the Zodiac: Pisces. Erykah Badu, in her song called “…& On“, a sequel to her more popular hit called On and On described the nature of her star sign Pisces in her second verse: ”

Two fish, one swimmin’ upstream
One swimmin’ down livin’ in a dream

This describes the dual nature of those born under the sign of Pisces, one nature attempting to swim against the currents of this limited reality into the more ethereal and spiritual realms. This Fish longs to transcend this universe through spiritual illumination or enlightenment akin to the Budda, Christ, and other spiritual deities.

Unwavering focused, and determined, this fish is why Pisces are described as otherworldly or dreamy in their personal characteristics. The Upstream Pisces Fish swims boldly against the currents of time/space, the reality we currently perceive, and into the multidimensional universal waters where everything is one and bound by infinite love, compassion, and understanding.

The contrasting nature swims Downstream into the waters of materialism and the physical/natural world. Both fish are tied by the cord of fate and drags the other along in its path upward or downward.

Upstream Dreams is divided into two categories of posts: Upstream and Downstream.

While Upstream posts might be more philosophical or spiritual inquiries into things such as the nature of good and evil or pondering systemic oppressions, Downstream post might involve my thoughts on who will win the NBA Finals or the latest iteration of the iPhone…

Either way, Enjoy!