Video(s) Of The Day: How To Be A Friend To Yourself + More!

A Few Short Videos I found on Youtube called the School of Life, a channel worth subscribing to, that deals with three topics I found to be third eye opening. Under each video is a short piece about how I feel about each one! Leave a comment telling me which one you found most interesting as well!


Interesting concept on how other human beings with more care, respect, and love than we do ourselves. Even more interesting when coupled with the fact that our bodies loves us so much it tries to keep us alive despite the constant negative talk and abuse we put it through on a daily basis. I personally try to be a friend to myself when I draw, study self-improvement related material, or meditate. I also try to get in the habit of halting negative self talk when it occurs. How do you practice self-love and self-care? I’m interested to know…leave me a comment below?

I found this video to be eye opening, cliche considering the giant ass eye on the preview photo 🙄😂. Consciousness is really like a little peephole into a million and one different thoughts, memories, scenarios, potential outcomes, things you learned, fears, hopes, ect. Everyone has a different “conscious” that is made up of differing sets of experiences, thoughts, and memories that was created through our unique perception of the reality around us. Common experiences and memories bring us together while perceived differences set us apart such as “he cannot possibly relate to me because experience X is unique to me” or “she cannot hope to understand where I am coming from because only I feel these things”. In reality, over a lifetime of existence regardless of experience, I am sure we can all find at least one common thing that can bring us together. Sometimes that is all it takes…

Shyness isn’t something that is inherent. It is a way we interpret others and ourselves in relation to them. We see others as superior or too different from us and begin to become shy or suppress our own personalities to accommodate. This can be overcome by seeing everyone as equals, humans facing the same set of problems the shy person has. The shy person has an aura of difference about them, but they are not shy around everyone, only those they perceive to be too different from them. To overcome shyness, one must see our collective species unity and like the previous video find the commonalities that outweigh the difference. I would describe myself as a little shy and a quiet person though I can be outgoing, talkative, and the life of the party when I choose to be. I will start to look for the similarities in others and task myself with overcoming my own habits of shyness by seeking them out in my conversations with people. I’ll let you know how it goes in a later post!


Hope you enjoyed these videos and my thoughts about them!


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David X

Writer. Blogger. 21 Years Young. Interested in Black Liberation, Social Justice, Art, and Wealth. “The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.” - Aristotle

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