Trump/Merkel Meeting Likely to be an Awkard One.

I was reading a Yahoo article earlier that made me facepalm. The Orange Satan will meet Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today after souring the German-US relationship. The Orange Satan has repeatedly bashed the German Chancellor verbally during his campaign to the point of even spreading lies about Germany in regards to their policy of accepting Syrian Refugees. Trump compared Merkel to Hillary Clinton and

Trump compared Merkel to Hillary Clinton and stated that their policy on immigration would destroy Germany and the United States, even venturing to tell a bold face lie stating, “Crime has risen to levels that no one thought they would ever, ever see. It is a catastrophe.” in regards to Germany acceptance of an extraordinary amount of refugee’s.

German crime rates have stayed consistent despite the Orange Satan’s lies…

The Orange Satan is continually ruining the United States reputation abroad with his racist, xenophobic, and sexist remarks in just a few months into his Presidency. Only time will tell how the rest of his presidency will play out…


Read the full story below:



Watch US President, The Orange Satan, curve German Chancellor Angela Merkel after she asks for a handshake…



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