Huey X

Huey X

Thought-provoking image of a modern-day symbol of Black Power, radical black thought, and freedom, Huey Freeman from the Boondocks. In the backdrop is Malcolm X, the symbol for those same things and the most prominent spokesman for Black militancy/liberation in his era.

Also interesting to note is the fact that Huey is wearing the number 7 on his jacket and Malcolm’s favorite number was 7

Huey, despite being a cartoon character, has articulated the struggle for black equity more than anyone since the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. I think that is the beauty of his character as well in that Huey cannot be slain like the Civil Rights leaders of the past.

In the assassination and brutal murders of multiple proponents of Civil Rights such as MLK, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Emmitt Till, President John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Lee Jackson, and James Earl Chaney, Black America took multiple blows to its psyche leading to the silencing of radical black voices that continues into our era.

Though the Black Panther Party emerged in the aftermath of the deaths of these Civil Rights Leaders, the BPP leadership itself was destroyed by the same lethal tendencies that claimed the lives of the Civil Rights advocates before them. Fred Hampton, the 21-year-old spokesman for the Black Panther Party, was killed by the Chicago Police Department while putting the finishing touches on a merger between the black street gangs in Chicago and the Black Panther Party itself.

Huey P. Newton, the co-founder of the BPP was also murdered in cold blood with the murderous trend that plagued the Civil Rights Movement inherited into the subsequent Black Power Movement.

From 1961 to 1973, six African advocates for African independence and statehood were assassinated by their former colonial rulers. Fighting for freedom from his European colonial master, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo most notably was slain in a United States-Belgian backed plot to kill the Congolese Prime Minister.

Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Amilcar Cabra of Guinea to name a few others were also victims in the African Independence Movement.

But Huey Freeman is different because unlike our flesh and blood activists, Huey cannot be killed and thrown in our faces by the white power structure. For all of his sentiments and scathing rhetoric against white supremacy, we do not have to hold the quiet anxiety that he could be shot down at any moment for his advocacy.

Huey Freeman is a Civil Rights Hero of our time, a bold voice against oppression, imperialism, and social degradation that is rampant in our world…


Here are a few clips for you as well. Enjoy 😉🤗✊🏾

“The Garden Party”

“Huey Freeman on False Reality”

“The Prison Industrial Complex”


“Interview with Huey Freeman”


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