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“This inner world is truly infinite, in no way poorer than the outer one. Man lives in two worlds.” (C.G. Jung)


Reality is an illusion. We live in two separate dimensions, the reality of our perception (the external world) and the world that is (our inner world). The external world exists only by that which we can perceive through our 5 senses.

We could not see reality without eyes. We could not hear reality without ears. You get the point. Without our body, our tool for exploring our external reality, we would not be able to perceive and understand the outside world. But another reality exists in our inner world. We may inhabit physical bodies but we are not just our meat shells.

Our consciousness exists independent of our bodies, thoughts, feelings, etc. It resides in the reality of truth and universal knowledge which leads me to believe that death is simply the cessation of the perception of our bodies reality…




Why Do black women hate they natural hair ❓ via @DemarioDaSinger

Black Women hate their natural hair because of Self hatred inherited from the legacy of racism. A psychological scar left from hundreds of years of oppression, dehumanization, and disenfranchisement that continues to this day. Leaving black women subject to a system of double oppression, one for being black, the other being a women. Because of this cruel and unusual treatment black women suffer a unique type of race/gender based symptom or side effect i.e. self hatred of living in our society 👊🏾

Black Wealth

In the Black community, there are several reasons why poverty and poor money habits are transferred through generations. The absence of healthy money management skills, inadequate access to wealth generating channels, an unbalanced debt to income ratio, unrealistic hurdles to self-sufficiency, racial inequality and a lack of financial literacy all serve to perpetuate the cycle of poverty in the Black community.
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